Not So Princess Jasmine Vol. 1 
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A Dying Breed has been used in schools in St. Louis, Missouri and across the country including Maryville University's pre-service teachers program, Parkway West and Northeast Middle School libraries and by counselors at Barack Obama Middle School.

Now, Darian Wigfall -- author, activist, and cultural catalyst, continues to captivate readers with his latest novel, "Not So Princess Jasmine, Volume 1." This poignant narrative explores the challenges faced by young black children, offering a raw and honest portrayal of integrity, resilience, and overcoming obstacles. This is the continuation of the Bright Lights Series starting with A Dying Breed, Volume 1.

In "Not So Princess Jasmine, Volume 1," readers are introduced to Jasmine, a talented ballet dancer grappling with a difficult decision. Should she take painkillers for a serious injury before her ballet class' big recital, or risk disappointing her parents and the world by not performing perfectly? Amidst this dilemma, Jasmine also confronts the troubling dynamics of racism, finding solace in the friendship of DeShaun and Tiffany.

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A Dying Breed is about a 10 year old young man named DeShaun Henry. He is a talented artist, which allows him to escape mentally, but he is deeply affected by family and friends who deal drugs. He also gets caught up in the violence that is an integral part of gang life. As soon as he thinks he has made it past one trap, he gets caught again. DeShaun is in a constant battle between his dreams and the reality that surrounds him.

This book has been used by elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers, counselors and community groups to tell a story that is largely left out of Young Adult African American literature. You can use this story as a tool to ask hard questions and connect better with your child or your students.
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